An Update On Chicago Tech News From Todd Allen

An Update On Chicago Tech News From Todd Allen: “

Todd Allen has been hard at work putting together a site that represents the Chicago tech scene and give in-depth coverage you won’t find anywhere else.  Here’s an update from him on the latest:

Ever wonder how many tech companies there are in Chicago? I did and I’ve started to make a list. A comprehensive list of Chicago tech businesses will take quite a while to completely catalog, so I’ve started out with a block of around 350 of them. The initial coverage is a little heavier on Interactive Developers, IT Consultants and Software Developers, than on Digital Media and e-Tailers, but that will get fleshed out in time.

You can take a look at the list at:

As time goes by, we’ll be annotating the list with articles about the various companies, but in the meantime, there are a few things to be learned from the initial survey of our local industries.

  • Way too many companies end their name with ‘Solutions’ or ‘Group’
  • A lot of out-of-town companies can’t tell the difference between Lisle or Downer’s Grove and Chicago. They’ll list their Chicago office as one of the suburbs. To paraphrase Mayor Daley when McCaskey was threatening to move the Bears, ‘If they’re playing in Gary, they’re not the CHICAGO Bears.’ Such local offices are marked accordingly.
  • You’d be surprised how many of the old guard are still around from dotBoom days. For example, remember Ubid? Still rolling.

If you want to see who’s still in business or just trying to find a few new places to send your resume, surf over to and we’ll try to accommodate you.

(Via TECH cocktail.)

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