TechTarget Posts 2009 Event Schedule

Although the details have not been released, TechTarget updated its web site today with a list of events by region for 2009. My understanding is that, although the formats and locations are tweaked slightly, the user-focused character of their excellent Storage Decisions conferences and one-day seminars will remain.

Some highlights from the calendar:

  • The Storage Decisions conferences in New York and Chicago remain, but the third half-day has been eliminated, leaving them at two days each.
  • New this year are one-day Storage Decisions Summits in San Francisco and Toronto. These are multi-track, multi-speaker events, but are more focused, with only the best speakers and topics.
  • Although the one-day seminar speakers and dates have not been finalized, newly-independent industry superstar, W. Curtis Preston, appears to be heading up the lions share, with dozens of dates focused on backup and data deduplication.

I’ll post more details when they become available. But until then, check the schedule and mark your calendars. These excellent events are well worth your time!

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TechTarget Posts 2009 Event Schedule

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