TECH cocktail Chicago 10 Startup Preview

We are excited to be hosting out 10th TECH cocktail event in Chicago on Thursday, February 19th and we wanted to give you a little preview. First off, thank you to our sponsors for making the event possible, they include:

  • Microsoft
  • Eastwick
  • ChicagoMicro
  • Saper Law Offices
  • Total Attorneys
  • OpenMake Software

Be sure to stop by all of our sponsors booths at the event as they each have different offerings that may be of interest to you. For example, if you drop a business card off with ChicagoMicro you could win prizes which include a color laser printer and a computer LCD as well as some of our service products including a one year Hosted Exchange mailbox and an 800 line with 500 free group conferencing minutes. Also TECH cocktail has partnered with Microsoft for give startups free software so swing by the Microsoft booth to find out how.

As part of our mission we look to amplify the local technology signal with hundreds of TECH cocktailers coming together to connect and share their stories with one another. For example, if you run into longtime TECH cocktailer, David Dalka he has a bunch of $50 Facebook ad vouchers so if you are looking to advertise on Facebook you might want to talk to him and just say ‘Facebook TECH cocktail.’ Also Jen Consalvo will be taking photographs at the event which we will post on our site in the photos section and on Facebook so be sure to look for them after the event and tag yourself in them.

We also have stellar list of startups demoing at TECH cocktail Chicago 10 which include the following companies (in no particular order): – An online t-shirt shop that similar crowdsources to for shirt designs then sells them and designers get a revenue share of each shirt sold. – a startup which was founded as a spin off of the more manually artist driven IamCartoon project, offers a few fun little applications to allow users to easily create and customize photos as cartoons and create personal avatars.

The Local Tourist – Guide to downtown Chicago. Includes restaurants, bars, shopping and businesses, reviews, events, things to do, media, government links, and transportation.

Dosensio – simplifies document collaboration and management across the enterprise.

Coupon Tweet – allows you to search Twitter for deals and discounts online.

News @ Seven – is a service that aggregates news that is important to you and builds a personalized news show automatically.

Newser – an online news aggregator with a personal twist they combine unique news aggregation technology with the judgment of our editors to feature the most interesting and news-worthy stories across the web.

FanFound – is a social music network that brings music fans, artists, and venues together.

Texthog– allows you to keep an online budget and track expenses using SMS messages and email.

Of course, we like all our sponsors and demoing startups but check them all out for yourself and and please let us know your favorite. Be sure to setup a profile on our community companion site: I am TECH cocktail to post photos, videos and connect with people before and after the event. See you at TECH cocktail Chicago 10!

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