Photos of the Moon using my iPhone and a telescope.

Last night was the end of a long week for me, and as I went out on to the balcony to look into the night sky I saw the moon was full and a reddish orange in color.  I’ve seen the moon this color before but it seems to be a fairly rare occurrence.  I have a telescope that I set out to look at the moon for such an occasion.  The view was incredible and with the final flight of the space shuttle fresh in mind, I wanted to capture what I saw.  Unfortunately, my telescope doesn’t have a camera attachment of any kind.  Regardless, the only camera that I have is the one in my iPhone 4.  What followed was a careful balancing act of the iPhone resting on the viewfinder and the eyepiece of the telescope.  I was able to get the iPhone’s camera lens carefully lined up to the eyepiece while I adjusted the cable controls to follow the moon through the night sky, all without dumping the iPhone off the telescope to the concrete balcony floor below.  What you see below are some of the images I was able to capture with my iPhone/telescope combo.  These images were not touched up or altered in any way, they are exactly as I captured them.

The orange images were when the moon was lower on the horizon, as the moon ascended in the sky, its color returned to its more familiar silvery grey.  Where the moon appears larger, I used the optical zoom in the iPhone so I could fill the screen.

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