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EFF Re-Launches Legal Guide for Bloggers. It has been almost four years since EFF first published our Legal Guide for Bloggers to help bloggers understand their rights and, when necessary, defend their freedom of expression. In that time, blogging has become more widespread, and more and more people need a better understanding of the laws […]

My attempt to have my blog hosted on MobileMe was short lived as was my strategy to compose my blogging entries in MacJournal and iWeb. MobileMe was simply too restrictive of a hosting platform for what I want to accomplish. The combination of MobileMe and iWeb is certainly adequate for the home user for a […]

This week has been an interesting week for me and web publishing. I have been recently encouraged (read: flames under my ass) to start blogging about data storage and all things technology by my good friend Stephen Foskett who’s a most prolific writer, blogger, tweeter, etc. Admittedly, I’d been hesitant to broadcast my thoughts, rants, […]