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The “Cloud” is a technology that provides incredible convenience and flexibility. In fact, because of the cloud, I’m able to write this from the coffee house I’m at where I sometimes go to work. However, the cloud has significant limits that may outweigh its benefits.

It seems as though my television addiction has spilled into my real life activities. I’ve been wondering if my reliance on technology has gone too far. Is this the first step on the path to becoming a Luddite?

A brief experience using the new Apple Maps.

Not an exhaustive analysis, just a brief story telling of why I’m going to keep using Google for driving directions.

Think putting your IT in the cloud means you don’t have to think about disaster recovery any more? Guess again. The world of Information Technology (IT) has continued to grow and evolve at a rapid pace. Consumerization of IT and easy access to cloud technologies has had people from every functional area of businesses subscribing […]

Ever wonder what the differences are between programming languages? Check out this humorous and handy guide.